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Top 10 Mining Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

As the mining industry went through a technology-enabled transformation, various ground-breaking innovations helped redefine how mines operate and deliver much-needed productivity gains. A number of those innovations have continued to exceed expectations since then, resulting in meaningful operational improvements. With the productive use of new technology like spatial data through three-dimensional modelling, virtual reality, and augmented reality, the mining industry has been able to gain insights into mine structures at a decreased price and impact on the ecosystem.

Also helping gain more insight into the mine environment are geographic information systems (GIS), which solve real-life issues of miners where location and accessibility are critical. Geospatial data represents the location, size, and shape of any object, allowing miners to gain visual data on the represented system.

For the rapidly evolving mining industry, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have majorly impacted how mines today make future choices. While AI helps with more decision-making at insight-driven firms, smart data and ML improve production workflow, mine safety, and operational efficiency.

As the mining industry continues in its attempt to reduce costs and lessen its environmental impact, Enterprise Technology Review has compiled a list of “Top 10 Mining Tech Solution Providers in Europe - 2020” that enables the mining industry to move rapidly toward optimal industry efficiency. This edition also features insights from thought leaders on the latest industry trends, innovations, and best practices to ensure the mining ecosystem’s reliability and safety.

We present to you Enterprise Technology Review’s “Top 10 Mining Tech Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Mining Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • Niuw Glinik is one of the largest European drilling tools manufacturers operating in the mining and industrial sectors with nearly 140 years of experience. With its rich culture and heritage, the company delivers cutting-edge robotised solutions to different verticals such as mining/minerals, oil and gas, hydrogeology, geotechnical/construction, and HDD, by identifying each of these areas’ shortcomings. In order to cater to the customer needs of every individual sector, the company has a wide range of products in its portfolio: drilling bits, hole openers, and stabilisers with around 1000 of designs within their R&D Engineering

  • VULKAN Drive Tech is an international strategic partner for industrial transmissions accessories, guaranteeing the utmost integration for different components in industrial drives, such as couplings, brakes and backstops. Adopting a holistic approach to producing drivelines components for the mining industry, VULKAN is guided by a mission to serve as a system solutions partner, preferably a simple products supplier. As international strategic partner for industrial transmissions accessories, VULKAN Drive Tech is driven by the goal to guarantee the utmost integration for different components in industrial drives, such as couplings, brakes and backstops

  • Zyfra is changing the status quo of the mining industry that has long resided on manual methods and practices. With a firm belief that an efficient digital makeover is the secret harpoon of any industry’s success, Zyfradevelops AI, IIoT-based solutions, and robotic mining equipment for the heavy industry. Discussing the various stages of this transformation, Pavel Rastopshin, themanaging director of Zyfra, notes that the first stage of digitalisationfor the mining companies took place in the early 1990s, when satellite navigation technologies developed for the military (GPS, GLONASS) became widely used in various industries, including mining. Then, the birth to the first fleet management systems for surface mining and the rapid development of GIS technologies to build 3D models of mineral deposits led to geological modeling and mine planning systems

  • Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe

    Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe

    A world leading provider of specialized raisebore drilling services to the mining, hydro-electric and civil infrastructure industries

  • Datamine


    A data management software in the mining industry

  • Deswik


    Provides solutions that free up users’ time and give them the tools and resources to engineer better plans, examine more scenarios and consequently drive lower costs

  • Drillcon Group

    Drillcon Group

    Drillcon is a service provider of Mining and Construction drilling solutions. Established over 50 years ago and from day one awarded international contracts. We have a wide area of drilling services within Core Drilling and Raise Boring and a close cooperation with customers and business partners.Drillcon delivers sustainable solutions for increased productivity through innovative services. Headquartered in Sweden with companies in Europe and Latin America, the Group’s global reach spans more than 45 markets


    Delivers continuous process optimization through a dual approach of physical models and Artificial Intelligence

  • Kati


    Provides high-quality and reliable field studies and other field services together with our professional partners Palsatech Oy and Geovisor Oy. Gather a full service package for ore exploration or mining project

  • Mobilaris Zurich

    Mobilaris Zurich

    At the forefront of Mining Industry innovation, Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering has developed a safer and more efficient way to increase production and stay ahead of the competition. Stop wasting time searching for equipment, waiting for supplies or transports, or being delayed by traffic congestion in narrow tunnels